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flit2.com Terms & Conditions Of Use

Forbidden activities

You may NOT use flit2.com for any of the following:

  • Creating URLs that are used in unsolicited advertising of ANY kind including but not limited to email and forum posts (i.e. do not use for ANY spam purposes)
  • Creating URLs that are used in any commercial email (whether opt-in or not)
  • Linking to any malicious content including phishing sites and files containing malware
  • Linking to any file or website depicting actual or simulated child pornography
  • Linking to other sites that also offer URL shortening/redirection (because creating a "chain" of redirects is often an attempt to hide malicious use, and also wastes bandwidth) - most of these should be automatically blocked anyway
  • Any other use which is illegal in your area

We reserve the right to remove any shortened URLs which we deem to have violated our terms and conditions, or that we believe violate the spirit of our terms or of fair usage (completely at our discretion). We may if we choose report use that is forbidden by our terms and conditions to the relevant governmental or law enforcement agencies, including relevant information such as the IP address of the link creator. We also reserve the right to block any abusers from using our service in the future. In addition, shortened URLs may be removed retroactively if they later appear on any of the blacklists that flit2.com consults.

Excessive usage

We ask that you please limit usage of our service to "reasonable" levels. There are currently no fixed limits, but please don't open multiple concurrent connections from the same machine, or undertake usage so heavy it causes service issues for other users. We reserve the right to remove shortened URLs from our service and/or block the abuser from our service temporarily or permanently when usage exceeds levels we consider reasonable. (completely at our discretion)

Warranty and liability

flit2.com is provided as a free service, and as such carries no warranty of any kind. flit2.com is not liable nor responsible for any loss or problem you might suffer whatsoever due to using the flit2.com service. This includes any losses in the event that the service stops operating, is unavailable or slow, suffers data loss, or any other issue which might be considered detrimental to you.

Report Abuse

Please report any abuse of the flit2.com service here with as much detail as you can.